What Released Hats Do

1. Cardboard Box: Absolutely nothing

2. Bouncy Hat: Bounce everywhere

3. Mining Helmet: Crawl faster and adds 5 to traction

4. Aviator Cap: Lets you super jump faster and adds 5 to jump

5. Winged Helmet: Adds 5 to speed and makes speed burst last longer

6. Pedro The Snail: If someone else picks up your Pedro then they go very slow

7. Parasol Hat: Hold up to float with this on

8. Pirate Hat: Swing sword both ways (even if the hat falls off this effect stays)

9. Top Hat: Go through the sides and bottoms of vanish and crumble blocks

10. Party Hat: Deflect lightning

11. Shark Fin Hat: Swim faster

12. Santa Hat: Freezes every block

13. Happy Hat: Adds 3 to jump,speed and acceleration

14. Nurse Hat: Recover from getting hurt faster

15. Cowboy Hat: (Not possible to have cowboy hat permanenty) lets you fly by putting a percentage for SFCHM in your levels

How To Get the Hats

1. Cardboard Box: 3 Gold medals in Campaign

2. Bouncy Hat: Winning LOTD

3. MIning Helmet: Certain amount of Gold medals in Campaign (Comes after Cardboard Box)

4. Aviator Cap: Certain amount of Gold medals in Campaign (comes after Mining Helmet)

5. Wiinged Helmet: Beat Campaign with all Gold medals (comes after Aviator Cap)

6. Pedro The Snail: Winning LOTD

7. Parasol Hat: Winning LOTD

8. Pirate Hat: Winning LOTD

9. Top Hat: Winning LOTD

10. Party Hat: Winning LOTD

11. Shark Fin Hat: Winning LOTD

12. Santa Hat: Log in on Christmas

13. Happy Hat: Winning LOTD

14. Nurse Hat: winning LOTD

15. Cowboy Hat: Impossible